Site Master Planning and Advisement
Facility Evaluation and Needs Assessment

Pre-Design Services


Our Approach

Barton-Coe-Vilamaa often assists school boards with defining a precise plan of attack to best address short and long-term K-12 facility needs.  A thoughtful pre-design process creates more complete and successful projects because it looks at a corporation’s facilities as a whole, not as a series of independent entities.  Furthermore, pre-design studies are not limited by project timelines; they can look far into a school corporation’s future to delineate sustainable practices for maintaining the optimal operation of the K-12 educational environment.


Various Analysis & Presentation Methods to Meet Specific Needs:
  • Facility Evaluations & Needs Assessments
  • Project Feasibility Studies & Advisement
  • Building & Space Programming
  • Building Master Planning & Phasing Analysis
  • Site Master Planning & Phasing Analysis
  • Code Conformance Reviews
  • Energy Audits & Energy Conservation Planning