Project Delivery Methods

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Our Approach

Traditionally in the public realm, architectural firms design buildings, send them to contractors for bidding, and monitor the construction by the lowest bidding, responsive, and responsible contractor. Other methods explore solutions to specifically work with time or budget constraints, provide additional supervision, or work with different funding sources.   For example, we can work with your board to outline a Guaranteed Energy Savings project and then bid it to several GES companies.  The companies win the job by proposing the least expensive solution.  We can also provide additional on-site construction observation by our own staff. In these ways, Barton-Coe-Vilamaa maximizes value for our clients.


Methods to Approach Project:
  • Traditional Design-Bid-Build with Enhanced Construction Oversight

  • D-B-B Integrated with 3rd Party Construction Management

  • Hybrid Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

  • Design-Build Criteria Development (Front End)

  • Design-Build via Teaming with Contractor(s)

  • CMa - Construction Manager at Risk